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Ecozoom Stainless Steel Potskirt

Ecozoom Stainless Steel Potskirt

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The Ecozoom Stainless Steel Pot Skirt will help you to cook faster and use less fuel when used with your Ecozoom stove. Simply secure the stainless steel ring around the bottom of your pot before setting it on top of the stove. The ring concentrates the heat from the fire to the bottom of your pot as well as the sides, allowing less heat to escape while maximizing efficiency by up to 25%. The power ring protects the fire from going out, and reduces smoke output by 20%.

The pot skirt is adjustable to fit all Ecozoom stove models.

Wraps around the bottom of your pot
Prevents heat loss between stove top and pot improving efficiency
Helps you cook faster and use less fuel
Fits all Ecozoom stoves

This item is sold brand new. It is ordered on demand from our supplier and is usually dispatched within a few days.

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