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Gerber Broadcut Machete

Gerber Broadcut Machete

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Slash through brush and thickets with the power and control of the Gerber Broadcut Machete. A thick blade provides the cutting power needed to make all your paths and trails with ease. The blade can easily be sharpened to keep you cutting with remarkable precision. The Gerber Broadcut Machete is the essential addition to your hunt gear or trail rig.

The modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete
Heavy fine edge blade is corrosion resistant and makes short work of dense brush
Hook + Cut Notch
Stainless steel
Improved grip comfort
Thick blade
Corrosion resistant
Slim, belt carry sheath
Safety lanyard

Blade Stainless Steel
Blade Type Parang Machete, Fine Edge
Blade Length 333 mm
Overall Length 500 mm
Blade Finish Black Powder Coating
Weight 533 grams
Handle Textured Rubber Grip, Black/Gray
Sheath Riveted Re-inforced Nylon Shea

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