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Aobosi 800w Sensor Touch Smart Wi-Fi Sous Vide Circulator

Aobosi 800w Sensor Touch Smart Wi-Fi Sous Vide Circulator

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Aobosi Sous Vide Cooker with Wi-fi App Control !

Restaurant Quality Food - With the Aobosi Sous Vide cooker, you can cook a wide variety of food, perfect for steak, salmon, egg, vegetable, pork, seafood, fruits and so much more!

Easy to Use - Simply set the temp and timer anywhere within the Wi-Fi range; make tasty quality food with more nutrients.

Great Water Circulation & Light Weight - Easy-to-store and light weight immersion makes this circulator useful for almost any pot or tank with a capacity from 6 to 20 litres. 360 degree water circulation transfers heat very efficiently.

Precision Temperature Control with Timer - The temperature is precisely controlled between 25ºC~90ºC in steps of 0.1°C, ensuring optimal texture, taste and juiciness. For time setting, press the button once for a 1 minute change (1 min - 2 h) and 30 minute change (2- 72 h). The max timer range is 72 hours.

No noise - Noise free cooking without disturbing the guests or having to listen to irritating sounds.

Waterproof IPX7 - Water vapor will not go into the machine; we offer a 12 month warranty so please feel free to contact us with any problems!



1.Temperature Range : 25-90°C
2.Temperature Stability :±0.1℃
3.Time Range:1 min -72 hours
4.Heater Power: 800 W
5.Input Power: 220-240V (EU Plug)
6.Temperature interval: Short press 0.1℃,Long press 1℃

★Tips : It can be used with Aobosi Vacuum Sealer and bags available from Lifespace.

Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 38cm high

Package Weight: 1.425kg

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace 800w Sous Vide Smart Wi-Fi Circulator by Aobosi
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