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UltraEdge Suction 3-Way Sharpener T/C Diamond & Ceramic - Lifespace

UltraEdge Suction 3-Way Sharpener T/C Diamond & Ceramic

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1. Rubberized feet provide good grip on any suitable working surface.
2. Select the aperture with tungsten carbide for aggressively sharpening blunt knives. Select the aperture with white ceramic rods for fine honing, or deburring after tungsten carbide usage.
3. Hold the knife with one hand, hold one side of the sharpener between your thumb and Index fingers with the other hand.
4. Initially select the pre-set carbides, hold the knife in a vertical position and draw the blade in a steady motion from the heel to the tip of the blade, just normally around 3 to 5 times.
5. Repeat this operation approximately 5 to 10 times on the opposite ceramic aperture, to hone or remove any burrs as created by the tungsten-carbide.
6. Sharpen the knife in one direction, pulling it vertically from heel to tip towards you, then lifting the knife and repeating this operation in the same direction. Do NOT pull and push the blade in different directions.
7. If the white ceramics become visibly dirty and impregnated with metal, clean them with a brush or cloth using soap or a detergen

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