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Artecho Acrylic Flow Medium - 950ml

Artecho Acrylic Flow Medium - 950ml

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Introducing the Artecho Premium Acrylic Flow Medium - 946ml.

Elevate Your Painting Experience - Experience acrylic painting like never before with Artecho's premium acrylic flow medium. This high-quality translucent liquid is designed to take your artwork to the next level. The visually appealing bottle design not only adds style to your workspace but also allows for easy measurement, ensuring precise usage and consistent results.

Versatile and Effective - Mix this medium with acrylic paint to reduce viscosity, minimize brush strokes, and create smooth glazes. Enhance the flowability, transparency, and vibrancy of your acrylic paint, enabling you to achieve stunning effects in your artwork.

Effortless Acrylic Pouring - Achieve mesmerizing acrylic pour paintings effortlessly by adding the right amount of this medium to your acrylic paint. Pour your paint onto various surfaces such as canvas, board, or stone, and watch your creativity flow freely.

Long-lasting Protection - Preserve the beauty and integrity of your artwork by applying this medium as a protective finish after your painting has dried. Maintain the glossy finish, crisp colours, and longevity of your masterpiece with the protective properties of Artecho's acrylic flow medium.

Safety First - Rest assured knowing that this premium acrylic flow medium complies with ASTM D-4236 and EN 71-3 safety standards, making it safe for artists of all ages. Note: Contains small parts; not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Unlock new possibilities in your acrylic painting journey with the Artecho Premium Acrylic Flow Medium. Whether you're refining brushwork, experimenting with acrylic pouring, or preserving your artwork for years to come, this versatile medium is a must-have in your art supplies collection.

Product Dimension: 8cm x 8cm x 22cm high.

Package Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 24cm high.

Package weight: 1kg.

What's in the Box:

1 x Artecho Acrylic Flow Medium - 946ml

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