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Lifespace Cast Iron

Lifespace Reversible Griddle Pan, Cast Iron Meat/Bacon Press & Cast Iron Care & Protect Bundle

Lifespace Reversible Griddle Pan, Cast Iron Meat/Bacon Press & Cast Iron Care & Protect Bundle

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The Ultimate Lifespace Cast Iron Cooking Bundle: Reversible Griddle Pan & Meat/Bacon Press

🍳 About This Bundle

Elevate your culinary game with the unbeatable duo of Lifespace's Matt Black Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan and a Lifespace Meat/Bacon Press. These heavy-duty kitchen essentials deliver unparalleled performance and flavor to your dishes, all while adding professional grill marks to your meat. Not only do they last a lifetime, but they're also incredibly versatile. Prepare to cook like a pro, every time.

What's Inside The Bundle

  1. Lifespace Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan
    • Size: 23cm x 38cm x 1.5cm high (handle to handle 44cm)
    • Weight: 3.25 kg
  2. Lifespace Cast Iron Meat/Bacon Press

    • Package size: 23cm x 15cm x 8cm
    • Weight: 1 kg

🎉 Key Features:

🔥 HEAVY DUTY & LONG-LASTING: Crafted from pre-seasoned cast iron, these Lifespace cooking essentials are virtually indestructible. Say hello to decades of reliable cooking and grilling.

🍔 READY-TO-COOK & FLAVOR-PACKED: Factory pre-seasoned and ready to use, our cookware makes every dish delectably rich in flavor while offering easy cleaning and protection against scratches.

🍳 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This bundle is your one-stop solution for diverse cooking methods. Sauté, fry, grill, or slow cook on your stovetop, in the oven, or even over a campfire.

🔥 DOUBLE EAR DESIGN & HEAT-RESISTANT HANDLE: The griddle pan features a double ear design for easy carrying, and the meat press has a heat-resistant wood handle for safe, effortless use.

⏱️ FASTER & HEALTHIER COOKING: The meat press cuts cooking time in half, transferring heat evenly. It also helps to reduce unhealthy oils and prevents bacon from curling.

🍖 PROFESSIONAL GRILL MARKS: Impress your guests with restaurant-quality grill marks. The added weight of the meat press guarantees an evenly cooked, visually appealing meal.

🧽 Care & Protect

Your bundle includes the 'Lifespace Cast Iron Potjie Clean & Care Kit'. Please remember to never leave your cast iron cookware submerged in water and handle it carefully when hot.

📦 Package Details:

  • Combined Package Size: 25cm x 46cm x 11cm High
  • Combined Package Weight: 4.25 kg

👉 Limited stock available. Unleash your culinary creativity and order your Lifespace Ultimate Cast Iron Cooking Bundle today!

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan

1 x Lifespace Cast Iron Meat / Bacon Press - Rectangle

1 x Lifespace Cast Iron Potjie Clean & Care Kit

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