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Lifespace Thermometers

Lifespace 4 Probe 100m Wireless Cooking Meat Thermometer

Lifespace 4 Probe 100m Wireless Cooking Meat Thermometer

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Wireless Meat Thermometer, 100m braai thermometer with 4 probes.

  • Four Probes allows a lot of flexibility whether you want to measure multiple smokers, or different pieces of meat at the same time. This wireless meat thermometer has a wireless range of up to 100m, so you can wander from the grill while still monitoring the meat.
  • Loss of signal alert - If you go out of range for more than 10 seconds, the unit will alert you the signal is lost.
  • Ultra-fast Reading can remove the guesswork from cooking, achieving perfect results. 1-3 seconds ultra-fast instant read; it is accurate to ±1 degree with a wide range of -20 to 150℃ (32 ºF to 482ºF).
  • Many different cooking methods: use it on a pan, oven, grill, or smoker to measure your food's internal temperature.
  • Detailed instructions, easy read display and four probes make it useful for large meat joints and multi cooking. Transmitter and receiver are already paired at the manufacturing facility so no need to re-synchronize or re-pair the units. Protect and store all your thermometer components in one waterproof and durable case.
  • The probes can be used to measure either meat temperatures or grill temperatures. Two grill clips are included to conveniently attach the probes to the grill, and the remote has a backlight so it’s easy to read in any light conditions.
  • Pre-sets for nine types of meats using USDA recommendations, it also has a timer function. The timer can be set for two different functions, the maximum count up or countdown timer setting is 23 hours and 59 minutes. 

Quick Details: 

Product name: Wireless Meat Thermometer

Model Number: LSCKW-126

Max probes: 4 probes

Material: Food Grade 304 probes

Wireless distance: 100 meters or 330 FT

Power supply: AAA Battery

Time: 23-hour, 59-minute countdown timer and count up timer

Accuracy: +/ -1.8°F (+/-1.0 °C).

Theory: Temperature Sensor

Advantage: Programmable alert with pre-set temperature

Display Type: LCD Display

Warranty: 1 year 

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a range of around 100m and is pre-programmed with USDA recommended temperatures.
  • Up to four food grade stainless steel probes with extra-long wires can be added to this unit, allowing multi cooking and the backlit LCD screen allows easy reading whatever the quality of light. Four probes make it useful for large meat joints and multi cooking.
  • No matter the cooking method, use it on a smoker, oven, case grill or rotisserie to measure your food's internal temperature.

Receiver Features:
Programmable alert with pre-set temperature for specific foods
* LCD - Displays all icons, temperature, and time
* Four probe temperature display.
* 23-hour, 59-minute countdown timer and count up timer
* Temperature range of probe: 0°C to 250°C.
* Temperature tolerance of internal food reading: +/-1.0 °C.
* Battery compartment holds 2 AAA batteries.
* Bracket: Allow you to stand the receiver on table top

Loss Link Alert
* If the receiver is taken out of range or there is an abnormal external interference or after shutting off the transmitter, the receiver may not be able to receive the transmission from the transmitter. If this happens for over 10 seconds, the unit will alert you the signal is lost. Pressing any button on Receiver will stop the Loss Link beep.
* To regain transmission signal, move the receiver closer to the transmitter, the link should be automatically restored, and the temperatures should appear on the receiver display.

What's in the box:

1 x Sender & Receiver

4 x Probes

2 x Pot clips

4 x AAA batteries

1 x User Manual

NB - Please do not put the display directly on a heated surface

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