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Lifespace Braai & BBQ

Lifespace 45cm BBQ Braai Basting Mop Brush with 3 Spare Heads

Lifespace 45cm BBQ Braai Basting Mop Brush with 3 Spare Heads

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LIFESPACE quality grill basting mop with 3 spare heads!

- PREMIUM COOKING TOOL: Fire up the grill and lather down the meat with this superior grill basting mop. Perfect for applying an even glaze across all your meats.

- LOAD UP THE SAUCE: This basting mop quickly soaks up thinner sauces that standard basting brushes won’t. Works great for vinegar-based sauces.

- VERSATILE: Perfect for basting and glazing a variety of meats and poultry AND as a pastry brush for buttered baked goods.

- SAFE & RELIABLE: The high quality wooden handle keeps your hands away from the grill during use while maintaining precise control.

- GREAT FOR CLEANING BOTTLES & JARS: The long wooden handle mop makes cleaning so easy, it could be used as bottle cleaner brush, to clean jars, bowls and bottles!

- OUTSTANDING QUALITY: Made of 100% cotton fibres.

- Great gift idea for dad!

Package dimensions: 39.5cm long x 7.5cm wide x 5cm high

package weight: 280 grams

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