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Lifespace Espetada Skewer Set for 57cm Kettle Braai

Lifespace Espetada Skewer Set for 57cm Kettle Braai

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Introducing the Lifespace Espetada Skewer Set for 57cm Kettle Braai.

Perfect for Espetada - Espetada, also known as espetinho in Brazil, is the Portuguese technique of cooking food on skewers. Elevate your grilling game with this specialized skewer set.

Durable and Long-Lasting - The Lifespace Espetada Ring is crafted from durable, food-grade coated steel, ensuring longevity and safe food preparation. The set includes long-lasting stainless steel barbecue skewers that are reusable and resistant to burning.

Flat Skewers for Perfect Cooking - Unlike round skewers, the flat design prevents food from spinning and falling off, ensuring even cooking on all sides. Notches in the ring securely hold the skewers in place, promoting quick and even cooking.

Convenient Design - The skewers are designed long enough so that their handles can be left outside the grill lid, allowing you to turn them without opening the grill and losing heat.

Dimensions - The Espetada ring has a diameter of 58cm and comes with five braai kabob skewers: three skewers are 68.5cm long, and two are 56cm long. This set is compatible with Weber and other similar 57cm kettle charcoal grills.

Healthier and Tastier Cooking - Unlike normal skewers, the Lifespace skewers are set on the ring, making them easier to handle, reducing the chance of burning food, and providing a juicier, tastier result.

Fantastic Gift - The Lifespace Espetada Ring is the ultimate braai accessory for both seasoned braai masters and beginners. It's the perfect addition to any grilling setup, making it an ideal gift.

A Must-Have Braai Accessory - This is the perfect braai accessory that you didn't even know you needed! Upgrade your grilling experience with the Lifespace Espetada Skewer Set.

Product Dimensions: 68.5cm x 58cm x 8cm high.

Package Dimensions: 61cm x 61cm x 11cm high.

Packaged Weight: 2,78 kg

What's in the box:

1 x Lifespace Espetada Skewer Ring

3 x Lifespace 68,5cm Espetada Skewers

2 x Lifespace 56cm Espetada Skewers

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