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Lifespace Knives

Lifespace BBQ Ham & Brisket Carving Knife - 300mm Stainless Steel Blade

Lifespace BBQ Ham & Brisket Carving Knife - 300mm Stainless Steel Blade

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  • Impeccable Brisket Knife: Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. The long, ultra-sharp blade is engineered to achieve high precision cutting with minimal force. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
  • Award winning Design: Incredibly razor-sharp slicer, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand polished edge at 16-18 degrees per side. Featuring a beautiful, ergonomic handle and flexible blade technology ensures de-boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming, and butterflying all your favourite meats is not only easier but more efficient and satisfying!
  • Premium Quality: The Lifespace meat slicing knife is forged from 7Cr17MoV German stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness rating of 58+. Extremely durable performance gives this kitchen knife long-lasting sharp edge retention, which greatly reduces the frequency of sharpening. Rust-proof and easy to clean, reducing your maintenance costs.
  • Excellent Carving Knife: The Lifespace meat carving knife is perfect for cutting roast, brisket, ham, grilled meat, turkey, chicken, smoked salmon, and other large, cooked meats. The 300mm long narrow blade is designed to make it easier to cut whole, large slices of ham and easier to cut thin slices. Precision cutting - a perfect sense of satisfaction!
  • Comfort control: The Lifespace meat slicer knife has a G10 fiberglass handle and is set with three rivets. Each rivet is very smooth and flush with the surface of the handle. Good durability, smooth touch, and a comfortable grip.
  • More than just meat: The Lifespace carving knife is great for breads, cakes, vegetables, and large fruits such as watermelon.
  • Beautiful gift box: The Lifespace ham knife comes in an exquisite magnetic gift box making it the ideal gift for any braai master or chef.

Package size: 45cm x 8cm x 3cm

Package weight: 500g


Care Instructions:  

  • Always wash the knives by hand to protect the material and maintain long lasting sharpness.
  • Immediately after each use, clean the blade under running water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Use only wooden boards or plastic cutters with medium strength.
  • Keep the knives in a blade protector, either in a knife block or on a wall magnetic board.
  • Blades are not suitable for cutting bones or frozen foods.
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