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Lifespace Cast Iron

Lifespace 'Japanese Style BBQ' Cast Iron Hibachi Braai

Lifespace 'Japanese Style BBQ' Cast Iron Hibachi Braai

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Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the Lifespace Japanese Style BBQ Cast Iron Hibachi Braai. This exquisitely crafted grill combines traditional Japanese design with modern functionality, offering an exceptional cooking platform for your outdoor culinary adventures.

Japanese Style Elegance - Inspired by the time-honoured Japanese hibachi grills, this braai brings a touch of elegance to your outdoor cooking space. Its sleek and compact design complements any setting.

Adjustable Grid Height - Tailor your grilling experience with ease using the adjustable grid height feature; simply turn the grid over. Whether you're searing steaks or grilling delicate vegetables, you have control over the cooking temperature and distance from the heat source.

Air Flow Door - Achieve the perfect airflow for your grilling needs with the integrated air flow door. This allows you to regulate heat and maintain optimal cooking conditions, ensuring your dishes are cooked to perfection.

Spacious Cooking Area - With dimensions of 52cm x 32cm and a height of 23cm, this hibachi braai provides ample cooking space to accommodate a variety of ingredients, making it ideal for small family gatherings, couples, and outdoor parties.

Durable Cast Iron Construction - Crafted from high-quality cast iron, this hibachi braai is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking. Its robust construction ensures longevity, promising years of flavourful meals. Please be sure to use charcoal only, this is not a firepit.

Portable and Convenient - The compact size and built-in handle make this grill easy to transport, allowing you to enjoy delicious grilled meals wherever your adventures take you.

Versatile Cooking - Whether you're grilling steaks, skewers, seafood, or experimenting with Japanese-style cuisine, this hibachi braai is a versatile addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.

Easy to Clean - Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the straightforward design and materials. Maintain the grill's pristine appearance with minimal effort. Be sure to use the Lifespace Cast Iron Clean & Care Kit to keep your braai in tip-top condition.

Elevate your outdoor cooking game and impress your guests with the Lifespace Japanese Style BBQ Cast Iron Hibachi Braai. Its combination of elegance, functionality, and durability makes it a must-have addition to your outdoor cooking equipment. Enjoy the art of grilling like never before with this exceptional hibachi braai.

Product Dimensions: 49,5cm x 31,5cm x 22cm high.

Package Dimensions: 52cm x 33cm x 22,5cm high.

Package Weight: 12.15kg.

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Japanese Style BBQ Cast Iron Hibachi Braai

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