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Lifespace Braai & BBQ

Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Grilling Skewer Set

Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Grilling Skewer Set

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Elevate Your Grilling Game with the Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Skewer Set!

Take the art of grilling to new heights with our Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Skewer Set. Designed to transform your rotisserie experience, this set is your key to succulent, evenly cooked meats and perfectly charred vegetables without breaking a sweat.

Effortless Perfection - Let the rotisserie do the heavy lifting as you set up these skewers and watch the magic unfold. The rotating motion guarantees thorough cooking, leaving meats and veggies tender and bursting with flavor. With the self-basting action of the rotisserie, each bite remains moist and tantalizingly juicy.

Premium Stainless Steel - Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our universal rotisserie kebab skewers set ensures durability and reliability. Whether you're grilling a selection of meats or a medley of veggies, these skewers are your culinary sidekicks for countless grilling adventures.

Versatile Lengths - Diversify your grill game with our set of 6 short (30cm) and 6 long (41cm) skewers. Effortlessly accommodating various ingredients, these skewers expand your grilling possibilities. From bite-sized delicacies to hearty skewer feasts, your imagination sets the limits.

A Must-Have Rotisserie Accessory - Elevate your rotisserie game by adding this indispensable accessory to your arsenal. Whether you're a seasoned grilling pro or a casual barbecue enthusiast, these skewers enhance your culinary prowess and elevate your grill master status.

More Flavors, Less Fat - Bid farewell to traditional grill plates – our skewers offer a healthier alternative. The rotisserie's unique cooking method allows fats to drip away while keeping the flavors locked in. Say hello to deliciousness without compromise.

The Perfect Gift - Know someone who lives for the grill? Our Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Skewer Set makes for a fantastic gift, especially for the "Ultimate Braai Master" in your life. Watch as they unlock a new world of grilling excitement and flavor.

Universal Compatibility - Designed to fit most rotisserie shafts, this skewer set seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. (Main shaft not included)

Upgrade your grilling repertoire with the Lifespace Rotisserie Braai Skewer Set and embrace a new era of delectable, mouthwatering feasts. Get ready to ignite the flames of envy at your next barbecue gathering!


Package size: 44cm x 17cm x 5cm

Package Weight: 1,14kg

What's in the box:

2 x Lifespace Rotisseries End Plates.

6 x Lifespace Short Skewers.

6 x Lifespace Long Skewers.

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