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Lifespace VG Solar Power Kit with Solar Panel, Power Banks & Accessories

Lifespace VG Solar Power Kit with Solar Panel, Power Banks & Accessories

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Load Shedding Survival Kit - your day just got a whole lot better!

What is VG Power?
Lifespace VG-Power is a unique Lifespace product with both power storage and power generation functions.
It consists of the following 7 parts: Mobile power bank, Solar panel, 2 x LED light bulb, Small LED reading light, USB fan, USB charging cable and flashlight power bank.
It can provide continuous power supply for camping, home and for outdoor travel. The Lifespace Power Kit is a very reliable partner for charging smart phones, iPad's, laptop, lighting and more.
The solar panel can easily clip onto your back pack while hiking and charging devices at the same time.

1. Charge your phone, iPad or laptop.
2. Great for camping, travel, hiking, 4x4 adventures, fishing and patio.
3. Portable power in case of natural disasters or civil unrest.
4. Dark night lighting and illumination.
5. Great for students during load shedding.
6. Keep the elderly safe with lighting and data.
7. Fantastic gift!

1. Beautiful design and powerful function.
2. Lightweight and easy to operate.
3. Large capacity and long duration for the size, can last up to 20days if using the LED lamp for household lighting
4. 12000mah power bank with 18650 lithium ion battery.
5. 6000mah flashing power bank.
6. 3W LED Bulbs with 3 meters long extension cable.
7. 10 Watt foldable solar panel.
8. 3 in 1 charging cable.
9. USB fan.
10. USB small night light.
11. It's completely mobile.

Essential details:

Output Interface: DC, USB/ DC, Double USB

Input Interface: USB, DC

Function: Quick Charge Support, Solar Panel Charge, Charge Mobile Phone, lighting, backup power

Type: Ultra Slim, With Plug, High Capacity, PORTABLE

Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery

Socket Standard: For UK, Universal, Micro USB

Protection: Over-discharging, Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging

Colour: Red/ Blue/ Grey/ Golden

Certificate: CE RoHS FCC

USB Port: 2 Ports

Solar panel: 10watt solar panel foldable

Input: DC5V-1A/2A

Supports Solar Energy: Yes

Features: Solar Panel Charge

Certification: CE

Single package size: 28cm x 22cm x 12cm
Weight: 1.35kg

What's in the Box:

1 x 12000mah power Bank with Lithium ion
1 x 6000mah flash light (torch) power bank
2 x 3W LED Bulbs with 3 meters long cable
1 x 10w foldable solar panel
1 x LED Night Light
1 x USB fan
1 x 3 in 1 charging cable
2 x Charging cables

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