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Chilli Sauce Challenge - 5x 50ml bottles set

Chilli Sauce Challenge - 5x 50ml bottles set

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For those brave enough to take on the challenge, we present the Chilli Sauce Challenge - a fiery journey through five robust chilli sauces in 50ml bottles.

Saucy Sriracha - Embark on a sweet and sour adventure with this Thai-inspired hot chilli sauce. Made with fermented chillies, cane sugar, garlic, and more, it's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Chipotle Jalapeno - Experience the bold flavours of the Southwest with this smokey chipotle jalapeno sauce. With ingredients like apple cider vinegar, onions, jalapeno adobo paste, and spices, it's a spicy sensation.

Spicy Peri-Peri - Ignite your senses with this fiery Mozambican chilli sauce. Made with lemon juice, fermented chillies, garlic, and bird's eye chillies, it packs a punch that's hard to forget.

Fiery Habanero - Brace yourself for the fruity heat of this habanero chilli sauce. With habanero peppers, onion, vinegar, cane sugar, and garlic, it delivers a spicy kick that will leave you wanting more.

Ghost Chilli - Prepare for the ultimate challenge with this superhot Indian Nagaland chilli sauce. Made with ghost chillies, onion, vinegar, cane sugar, and garlic, it's not for the faint of heart.

Each sauce is meticulously crafted to deliver intense flavour and heat, taking your taste buds on a wild ride. Whether you're a chilli aficionado or a daring adventurer, the Chilli Sauce Challenge is sure to test your limits.

May contain traces of gluten, mustard, celery, sesame.

Package size: 12cm x 22cm x 4cm.

Package weight: 630g.

What’s in the box:

1x 50ml Saucy Sriracha chilli sauce

1x 50ml Chipotle Jalapeno chilli sauce

1x 50ml Spicy Peri-Peri chilli sauce

1x 50ml Fiery Habanero chilli sauce

1x 50ml Ghost Chilli sauce

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