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Insta-Connect No Weld DIY Connectors - T joint - 4 pack

Insta-Connect No Weld DIY Connectors - T joint - 4 pack

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Insta-Connect No Weld DIY Connectors - T joint

25mm x 25mm

No Electricity - No Welding - No Problem

The assembly method allows for easy, time saving, cost effective and simple assembly for the DIY enthusiast. Any person will be able to construct numerous frame arrangements with accurate right angles. The only tools required are 10mm spanners. A 50mm G-clamp could be used to assist with holding the halves together. Simply cut your tube to the desired length and join with our various fittings.
Our easy to use invention is to provide a tube connection system without welding, involving low cost production and material costs. Building of frame structures with our connectors allows for firm and strong structures without the need for welding, grinding, drilling, jig fixtures and electricity supply.
As no welding is used to secure the corners or joints with our connectors, any assembly can be dismantled and rebuilt using the same connectors and tubes. This allows for all materials to be re-used.
***Please note: Pictures shown depict zinc connectors***

What's in the Box:

4 x Insta-Connect No Weld DIY Connectors - T joint 
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