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Lifespace Cast Iron

Lifespace Cast Iron & Potjie Cleaner - 400ml

Lifespace Cast Iron & Potjie Cleaner - 400ml

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The Lifespace Cast Iron & Potjie Cleaner is specially formulated to clean and restore enamelled cast iron surfaces. Here's a breakdown of its features and specifications:

Cast Iron Friendly - Designed specifically for use with cast iron cookware, including potjies and enamelled cast iron.

Removes Blemishes - Effectively removes pot marks, rust, and other blemishes from the surface of enamelled cast iron, restoring its appearance.

Multi-Purpose - Suitable for use in both the kitchen and bathroom, making it versatile for various cleaning needs.

Premium Formula - The premium formula of the cleaner is designed to restore the shine of enamelled cast iron surfaces, leaving them looking like new.

Non-Abrasive - The spray-based cleaner is non-abrasive, ensuring that it won't damage the surface of the cast iron cookware.

Food Substance Breakdown - Helps break down food substances and release them from the surface of the cast iron, making cleaning easier.

With its specially formulated cleaning solution and non-abrasive properties, the Lifespace Cast Iron & Potjie Cleaner is ideal for maintaining the beauty and functionality of your enamelled cast iron cookware.

Package Size: 6,5cm x 6,5cm x 19cm high

Package Weight: 340g

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace 400ml Cast Iron & Potjie Cleaner

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