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Lifespace Braai & BBQ

Lifespace Quality Double Burger Press

Lifespace Quality Double Burger Press

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Introducing the Lifespace Quality Double Burger Press!

Get ready to elevate your burger game to new heights with the Lifespace Double Burger Press. Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a pescatarian, this versatile press ensures you'll achieve the perfect patty every time.

Versatile Usage - Not just for meat, this press is perfect for crafting delicious vegan, veggie, salmon, fish, or any alternative style patties. Unleash your culinary creativity and become the chef of your kitchen!

Homemade Goodness - Say goodbye to store-bought patties and hello to the unbeatable taste of homemade burgers. With the Lifespace Double Burger Press, you can quickly and easily make multiple patties for grilling or prepare them in advance for later use.

Non-Stick Surface - The press features a non-stick surface that keeps your patties intact and ensures effortless clean-up after use, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your meal.

Adjustable Thickness - With a base diameter of 11.5cm for each side, simply apply pressure to the handle to adjust the thickness of your patties. The press allows you to make two uniform patties simultaneously, ensuring consistent results every time.

Durable Construction - Crafted from high-quality cast aluminium, the Lifespace Double Burger Press is built to last, providing reliable performance for countless burger-making adventures.

Easy Handling - Line the press with parchment paper for easy transfer to the grill or freezer. For storage or freezer use, consider using cellophane burger separator disks. Hand washing is recommended for maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your press.

Unleash your inner grill master and experience burger perfection with the Lifespace Quality Double Burger Press. Elevate your burger game today!

Product Dimensions: 28.3cm x 12cm x 8.5cm high

Packaged Dimensions: 29cm x 12.7cm x 9.5cm high.

Packaged Weight: 615g

What's in the Box:

1x Lifespace Quality Double Burger Press


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