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Lifespace Cast Iron

Lifespace Quality Silicone Black Pot Clamp & Sheath Handle Kit - 6pc

Lifespace Quality Silicone Black Pot Clamp & Sheath Handle Kit - 6pc

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High Heat Resistant: The Cast Iron Skillet Camp Pot Handle & Black Sheath Handle Kit covers are made of high-quality, durable and heat-resistant silicone, protecting your hands from high temperature burns.

Suitable for Multiple Sizes: The silicone camp pot holder & black sheath handle kit will fit multiple pot handle lengths and sizes. They fit most traditional cast iron skillets / pots and other cast iron handles, such as cast iron casserole pots and enamel griddles. The Lifespace Silicone Pot Handles are perfect for anything from copper pans to cast-iron skillets, an excellent alternative to traditional pot holders and oven mitts.

Textured surface for grip & comfort: The easy-grip silicone handle holder fits snugly against your cast iron frying pan, the specially designed pattern with an anti-slip texture and internal silicone ribbing adds additional safety when moving hot pans. 

NOTE: DO NOT use when coming into contact with open flames.

DO NOT use these silicone handles in the oven for a prolonged period of time.

DO NOT use with temperatures higher than 250 degrees C / 475 degrees F.


Product dimension:

Pot clamp: 9cm x 5cm

Sheath: 12cm long

Packaged dimensions: 15.3cm x 10.8cm  x 10.5cm

Packaged weight: 0.35kg

What's in the Box:

4 x Lifespace Quality Silicone Black Clamp Handle (2 pair)

2 x Lifespace Quality Silicone Black Sheath Handle

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